Leaving the Law

How Money Saps Lawyers’ Creativity

When your response to a problem is to solve it with an instant, money solution, your creative muscles atrophy. You start to think you aren’t creative, and aren’t a decent problem-solver. You start to believe that money has to have your back, because you yourself are not up to the task. That’s how you end up stuck in a high-paying, soul-sucking law job.

Why You Don’t Have Time To Find a New Legal Career, Pt. 2

What if you pushed “making nasty idiots happy” to the very bottom of your priority list? What if “being perfect” got pushed off your list entirely, and got replaced with “being pretty darn good under the circumstances”? With those pointless time-sucks gone, what space would open up in your life?

It’s Not Your Horrible Law Job. It’s You.

Unhappy lawyers often think that their problem is simply their horrible job. But there’s also another truth at work: Some of the horridness of your job stems from your own toxic attitudes. ttorneys, and lots of other people, tend to think that their attitudes about money, mistakes and certainty are truth, when really they’re a choice about how you view the world.