Leaving the Law
Person with lipstick and nail polish in polo shirt and cardigan holding pint of beer and looking upset and angry

All Former Lawyers Are Bitter!

What right do we former lawyers have to be bitter and unhappy? I mean, when at least half of attorneys surveyed say they would not choose law again, obviously nothing is wrong with the structure and culture of the profession. It’s—‘DOH!— our bad personal choice to go to law school that is to blame.

Perfection, Depression and Lawyers

If you suspect you may have depression—even if you think it’s just because you work in a hellhole, and you will be FINE once you leave—go ahead and get help. Because unless you’ve got a job offer in hand, you’re going to be there for at least a couple more months. And take it from me, those “couple more months” often translate suddenly into 6 months or 9 months or a year, between workload and inertia. That’s a long time to be depressed, untreated, and miserable.

Bonuses = Toxic Law Firms, Pt. 2: The Billable Road To Hell

Law firms use the carrot of big bonuses and salary increases to motivate higher billable hours numbers. Yet billable hours are not really what law firms sell—they’ve just fooled themselves into thinking that their measurement system is their product. What law firms sell is legal expertise and problem-solving. But Motivation 2.0 creates pressure to bill, to produce a tangible product to bill for—like a letter, brief, or memo—and means that time to engage in creative problem-solving for the client is about nil.

Recovering Lawyer, Having Fun Acting Out

One acting lesson can help you see what you aren’t owning about yourself. It can highlight the damage from being in the wrong career and having all the best things about you derided, mocked and devalued. You end up hiding from what is best about you. Acting can help you claim your uniqueness and find your path to a happier career.