Leaving the Law

Is the Pandemic Triggering Your Lawyer Perfectionism?

I’ll bet a wad of cash that you’re experiencing perfection expectations from either yourself, or your bosses. Likely both. Lawyers do love to pretend they can power through anything, and we have the depression, substance abuse, and suicide rates to prove it.
Instead, do your best to accept that you are living through a major, historic crisis, and that however it resolves, some things will never be the same.

5 Simple Ways to Ratchet Down Lawyer Anxiety—But You Won’t Like Them

World and national events. have heightened our anxiety, for sure. But the bigger problem may be that our work tools dictate a frenzied mental pace–one that far outstrips our actual ability to deal with that pace. All those little islands of downtime that we used to have–waiting rooms, lines, the commute–are now filled with chatter and productivity. Without downtime, our brains get stressed, and we get anxious.

Get Out: I Hate People!

Sick of people? Telecommuting might be a good plan. Beware, though! If you don’t understand the source of your misanthropy –unmet introvert needs? poor boundaries?–you’ll still be unhappy with work, no matter where it is. Even if you telecommute, you’re going to be dealing with people.