Leaving the Law

Questioning Your New Year’s Career Resolutions

Too often, New Year’s resolutions focus you on the wrong thing, on only the goal. So yes, you might use all that fresh-start energy of the new year to find a new job. But if you haven’t figured out the reasons behind where you are now, and more importantly what your purpose in life is, the chances are good you’ll find yourself a lipstick-on-a-pig new job.

You Can’t Buy the Career Ticket Before Knowing the Destination

Do you keep using lizard tools to find a new career? That’s what searching for jobs on legal job sites is. That’s what listening to legal recruiters is. That’s what worrying about what your salary might be is. Really, that’s what all your worry about lack is: lizard worry about logistics, about the plane ticket. Lizards don’t do hope and joy and meaning. But you can.