Suspect ADD? A Few Insights for Attorneys

If you’re unhappy in law because you

  • hate the lack of creativity in it,
  • despise having to show each tiny piss-ante step of reasoning when it’s freaking OBVIOUS how you got there,
  • get bored and pissed with all the pointless bickering back and forth about commas and such–except when you’re really exorcised about something you wrote,
  • rail at all the ridiculous workplace rules about listening to music on your computer (for example),
  • seethe at the dress codes with such specific rules about flip-flops v. sandals,
  • billing time is the albatross of your existence, plus
  • buckling down to work often feels impossible, even though you know you should,
  • miss deadline often, and
  • are late to work often

you may want to contemplate whether an evaluation for ADD makes sense.

Post-it pile on ADDer desk

Post-it pile on ADDer desk

(Here’s one quiz to get you started.) Just because you did well in school doesn’t mean that you are immune from ADD. The authors of one of the ADD bibles, Driven to Distraction, are MDs who practice in Boston, and are ADDers themselves. Continue reading