Leaving the Law

Special Snowflake Illusions: Lawyer Edition

There are so many of you out there who are utterly convinced that staying in law is a path of safety and certainty, and that you would be wildly irresponsibleto leave. The fact that staying in law is contributing to your chronic health problems, and triggering or worsening your depression and anxiety, are simply risks that you ignore as blithely as getting into your car daily.

How To Test Your Leaving Law Hypothesis

Test your new career ideas by trying out a key skill or activity. Focus on how you can do some testing, rather than telling yourself all the reasons it’s too hard right now. If the first test doesn’t light your fire, it is not necessarily a sign that whatever you’re testing isn’t for you. It’s easy to confuse fear of failure with dislike of an activity at first, and that’s why you need to give something several small tests before deciding it’s not for you right now.

You Can Do So Much With a Law Degree

Once you’ve got that shiny JD, the alternative to a legal career is the road less traveled. The signposts are sometimes faint or indecipherable. The most popular maps are often inaccurate or take you to places you don’t really want to go. It helps a lot to have a tour guide. In other words, it’s easy to get stuck and founder if you’re not alert.