Writing Coaching

I offer writing coaching to individual attorneys who want to become better writers, whether in your practice or more creative work.

If you’re looking for help on memos, briefs, or contracts, I can help. I’ve written many winning briefs, countless memos, and edited hundreds of legal articles. Working together, we can refine your professional writing to give it high impact and effectiveness. I can teach you how to get beyond writer’s block, and spend your time writing, not staring at the screen or doing, um, highly necessary surfing to avoid writing.

If you want to write articles for legal publications, I’ve got the experience you need to help get it written, polished and placed. We can work from concept, rough draft, or just polishing. I can teach you how to write query letters that will get editors calling you back.

If you want to venture out into creative waters, I’ve been there and done that, and can guide you on your path. Whether you want to experiment with fiction or creative non-fiction, we can put together a plan for getting your creative feet wet, and find joy in the process.

Four hour minimum commitment for writing coaching. Can be mix of writing types. See http://www.wordsolutions.biz for more info, or contact me at jalvey AT wordsolutions DOT biz.

2 thoughts on “Writing Coaching

  1. Hi I was wondering maybe you could give me some writing tips. I’m planning on studying Legal Studies and Australian and International Politics next year and you may have figured that I want to pursue a future in the areas of Law. I’ll admit I have pretty bad writing skills and techniques or maybe its because I failed my year 11 exam in semester and its making me doubt my capabilities. But then again my teacher was a complete nut case that insulted everyone and everything, hardly learned a thing from him.
    These subjects require writing essays, reviewing etc and I’m trying to improve as much as I can. Also wondering if you would recommend for somebody that isn’t so great in the field of writing to do both the subjects.
    Next year is my last year of school and so I really want to make sure I do well in my exams because I am planning to study in a University interstate which therefore means I have to get a really high TER score compared to most students. So far the only piece I have written is a Grievance speech and an essay on Human Rights based on how Indigenous people were treated unequally.
    I am still not sure which area of law I plan to study yet but I am really passionate about these subjects. I already have enough pressure from everyone telling me I have to study my ass off and remember stacks of books its like their telling me I can’t make it to my face but in a nicer way.

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