Recovering Lawyer, Singed by Lack of Sleep

So yeah, I preach a lot here about the basics of taking care of yourself, such as getting enough sleep. I mostly take my own advice on this one, and make getting sleep a higher priority than answering emails, doing dishes and such. But even though I’m now a recovering lawyer and not an unhappy, practicing lawyer, I still screw up on the basics occasionally.

Close view of bonfire

Ignore the basics, like sleep, and watch yourself make some hair-on-fire decisions, unhappy lawyers.

And screwing up the basics can land you in a really dangerous place, as I got reminded rather sharply in the end. Like yesterday.

I had 2 kids’ art classes to teach on Thursday morning, and so naturally I spent time Wednesday afternoon designing a flyer for the coaching business rather than preparing for the classes. (Yeah, ‘doh!) I knew better, but I chose the flyer anyway, because it was the first time I’d had enthusiasm for it in a while. This was sign #1 that I was setting myself up: Continue reading