One idea per sentence, lawyers. Please.

Lawyers constantly fear that their words will be taken out of context, so they cram qualifiers in every sentence to combat that possibility. Living in and acting out of fear produces many bad results, and hideous legal writing is but one of them.

What Wannabe Lawyer-Writers Can Learn From My 10 Year-old

When it comes to creative endeavors, we’re usually taught that if we don’t do something better than average on our first try, we don’t have talent and should just move on to something else. Imagine if we took the same attitude toward reading or math in schools?! Sure, some people are more creative than others. Some people are way more creatively blocked than others. Guess what? The ones who have less raw talent, but get in there and keep trying and failing and then trying again, are often the ones who produce something less than perfect, but get the accolades.