Leaving the Law

The Crisis Management Lifestyle Merry-Go-Round

What if you start seeing that constant crisis management is actually your normal life? That the times you aren’t living a crisis are really just an occasional break in the action, not the mythical normal you’ve been deluding yourself about. Does that change the way you view your career, and your life?

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Pessimism for Lawyers

The key reason pessimists need to work their way toward optimism: If you’re joined at the hip to the harsh reality that life can routinely dish up, your dreams don’t have a place to exist. They die. Ultimately, refusing to dream costs you a life worth living. A life without dreams is a gray, dim walking death.

How Pessimistic Attorneys Are Like Whining Dogs

Pessimists don’t persevere at the same rate as optimists, which means pessimists often don’t achieve goals that are achievable. Like, say, finding an alternative legal career that gives you fulfillment and high satisfaction. The chief way that pessimism shows up is as learned helplessness. I’ve noticed that law firms are superb at teaching learned helplessness.