Top 12 Things You Hate Most About Law Firms

So it’s Friday, and high time for a little fun. I’ve concocted a poll that might make you smile, just a bit.

Please, jump right in and vote! You can select more than 1 item from the list. Or, add your own pet peeve. (I love those best.)

One comment

  1. I loved this list. Most of them have rung true for me at some point, although once you get to a certain point in your career, you just stop caring about some things or at least it takes less time to move on with your day. Not that it makes it okay, you just stop “hating.” More like sadly acknowledging.

    I do feel like the one about the colleague who emails you for lunch says less about whether said colleague is anti-social and more about the fact that the time constraints put on you at a law firm make it so you just can’t risk having a long conversation, especially if you want to have lunch and get out at a reasonable time. Plus there’s the risk of the wasted trip (or numerous wasted trips) if the person you’re asking to lunch is on the phone or in a meeting.

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