Lawyer (De)Fault Lines

Some alert readers—all 11 of you—may have noticed that my posting frequency has been steadily dropping over the past year. It hasn’t exactly escaped my attention, either. I’ve spent a lot of time soul-searching about why: Am I tired of dealing with lawyers? Am I just scared to say what I think? Do I want to do something other than career coaching? What problem am I avoiding by not writing? Etc. (One of the perils of being a life coach is that you ask yourself the same questions you ask your clients, except in much more concentrated doses!)

broken pavement on rural road

When your life starts feeling this jumbled, it might be time to check out your mental and physical default lines.

The only consistent thing I observed was that I was tired. Exhausted, actually, quite often. To the point that going to the grocery store sometimes seemed a huge mountain to climb. And I know that the mind and the body are linked and reflect each other. My mistake, it turns out, was focusing on the mind influencing the body, and ignoring the return pathway of the body influencing the mind.

Mind Over Matter—Not So Much

My mind was convinced of a number of things: I have an energetic little boy to tend to. Plus a business. Plus trying to write a novel. Plus taking care of my own emotional, creative and spiritual needs. It’s a lot, but I really didn’t think it was too much. And maybe if something physical hadn’t been going on, that would be true.

It’s kind of like Caroline Myss says, “The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is Continue reading