Yes, Even Lawyers Are Creative (How to Tell)

When lawyers—or really anybody—tell me that they’re not creative but they wish they were, I’m fairly sure I know what’s going on. They’re thinking that they’re not CREATIVE. Like, they’re not Joshua Bell-creative. Bell is a world-renowned violinist who, at the age of 4, was stretching rubber bands between dresser drawer pulls to play classical music.

Joshua Bell playing

He's a darn cute creative genius, that Joshua Bell. But you don't have to be a genius (or cute) to be creative. You can even be a lawyer!

Folks, that’s not creativity. That’s genius, prodigy-level creative. Honed, I might add, with a plethora of practice and commitment. It is exceptionally rare. It’s the creativity equivalent of Michael Jordan. Yet, most people don’t think that because they can’t play as well as Michael Jordan, they can’t possibly be a basketball player of some sort. But they do think if they aren’t a world-class writer/singer/painter, they’re not creative.

Yes, Even YOU  Are Creative

Of course, that’s hogwash. I want to say very plainly: Every human being in inherently creative. Yes, even the most boring tax lawyer. Creativity shows up in myriad ways. Today, I’m focusing on what many equate with creativity, which is some form of artistic expression.

Because there are so many perfectionist myths that surround creativity and art in our culture, I’m giving you a decoder ring. Continue reading