9 Career and Life Lies Attorneys Tell Themselves

wooden figure with Pinocchio nose

I'm just fine being a lawyer cog in Corporate America's wheel. Really.

Unhappy attorneys keep themselves stuck in a myriad of ways. One of those ways is putting blinders on to the real consequences of our choices. In other words, we lie to ourselves.

Any of these sound familiar?




  1. If I can just make it through this trial/brief/deal/negotiation, everything will be fine.
  2. I don’t have time to eat right/exercise/breathe—I have way too much work to do. I’ll deal with that later.
  3. I hardly ever waste time online looking for jobs/playing Angry Birds/shopping/checking my Facebook feed.
  4. It’s a funeral—Aunt Mildred won’t care that I’m not there, she’s dead.
  5. Everyone gets depressed Sunday night. It’s work, that’s why they pay me the big bucks.
  6. My real friends won’t mind that they only hear from me once or twice a year. They know I care about them.
  7. My kids are much better off going to a private school. After all, I’m not a teacher, so having me around more wouldn’t help them get ahead as much.
  8. My relationship with my spouse/significant other is fine. We do much better if we don’t see each other all the time.
  9. I don’t have time to worry about whether my soul is dying because I’m not pursuing any happiness or joy.

What are your favorite lies you see lawyers tell themselves?

Jennifer Alvey is a recovering lawyers who coaches unhappy attorneys on seeing the fullness of their truth, and helps them align what they do with what they truly value—whether it’s career, family, or other passions in life. Try a discounted sample session with Jennifer to see how coaching can help you straighten out your life and work. Email her at jalvey@jenniferalvey.com to schedule your session today.

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