How Daylight Saving and Billable Hours Are Alike

It’s the first workday of Daylight Saving Time (note it’s Saving singular!), and I’ll bet you’re feeling perky. Um, not. DST really messes with our circadian rhythms, takes us out of sync with our environment, and consequently impacts our work efficiency. File that under ironic, since DST is supposed to be about increased efficiency (more on that in a moment).

blurred clock face close up

The clock is ticking on the demise of billable hours.

In fact, nearly all the rationales for DST are pretty much crap, when you look at the data. Kind of like all the theories behind why law firms need billable hours to function. Unlike DST, though, which only happens twice annually, billable hours happen daily, and screw up people’s lives daily.

And the effects of billable hours linger even after you leave the billable hours world for real life. Trust me on this. A decade-plus out of the hell that is billable hours, and I still Continue reading