40 Days: Time to Prepare for Transformation?

So if you’re reading this the day it’s posted, you may see lots of people walking around like they head-butted a fingerprinting kit, and hear them talk about all the evil things they’re going to renounce for the next 40 days or so, like chocolate and swearing. You know, the good things in life.

Yes, for Christians it’s Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, and let the hair shirt-wearing begin. Don’t worry, this post does have a lot to do with becoming a recovering lawyer, so bear with me.

monarch caterpillar

What can you do to feed your inner caterpillar, to prepare for transformation?

You might be able to tell I’m not a fan of Lent, or at least how many practice it. It makes me grouchy, all this self-flagellation and focus on how broken and terrible humanity is. When you focus on your flaws, you give them energy. I have yet to see enough positive, lasting results from that to make me think it’s worth it.

Mostly, focusing on flaws twists people in unhealthy ways. Some people do “fix” a flaw, but often Continue reading