What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting on before you commit to finding that alternative legal career, or that law job that fits you so much better? The economy to improve? Your workload to ease up? Your depression to diminish?

paper boat on rough water

If your career boat is sinking you, fix it!

We all have our reasons for waiting. Most of the time, they’re crap. Especially the ones you are most indignant and defensive about: But I have a mortgage and a family to support! I have a trial in 2 months! I can barely get out of bed!

I’m not dismissing these. Yes, they are difficult circumstances. They feel awful, oppressive, and horribly scary to confront. But I have faced some version of them all. Facing them often sucked. I won’t say it was pleasant, but I got through it and am now thriving. There is life, a great life, on the other side.

These circumstances are only as insurmountable as you think they are. When you say they’re impossible to overcome and slink away in defeat before firing the first shot, you give those obstacles power over you. And your situation won’t get much better if you use bad circumstances as reasons not to take some steps, however small they may seem, toward your dream life and work.

Here’s the secret: Your life gets better because you acted, even when you were miserable and unsure. Especially when you are miserable and unsure, acting has enormous power. It tells the Universe you are on the move, and enlists its aid.

Waiting for your life to calm down before you take steps to improve it is like the captain of a foundering ship waiting for the storm to pass before fixing that pesky gaping hole in the hull. True, repairs in rough seas won’t be as perfect as if they were done in drydock, but guess what? At least those repairs can get you to drydock.

Jennifer Alvey is a recovering lawyer who’s been at sea a few times. She coaches foundering attorneys on how to fix their career boats so they can head to peaceful waters. She offers discounted sample coaching sessions for those in need of a career path repair; schedule yours today by emailing Jennifer at jalvey@jenniferalvey.com.

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