The Hell With Cinderella

Have you given the Universe any room to maneuver in your life lately?

Or are you doing the same stuff you always do, yet expecting that if a change is meant to be, somehow a miracle will occur and that wonderful career path will magically open up before you without you changing anything?

lilac glass slippers

But these aren't the rose tinted career shoes I ordered! Send them back!

I believe the Universe—shorthand for God, Allah, Goddess, the Great Spirit or however else you name the Divine—can work what seems like magic in our lives. But while I love the stories of people going about their lives and suddenly BOOM! they are hit by the Divine thunderbolt, waiting for such a moment as your only vehicle for change means making the Universe work really, really hard to bring about its magic. And usually, that means waiting. And waiting. And waiting some more.

Waiting for that thunderbolt moment to happen often says you don’t really mean it. You don’t really want change in your life, you just kind of vaguely hope they will happen. As in, someday my prince/job/winning lottery ticket will come, and then I can start living a great life.

Mind you, vague hopes have worked for some people. At least, often enough that Hollywood can sell Cinderella stories repeatedly in movies. But I’m thinking that you might want change a little more quickly, and with maybe a bit more likelihood.

So help the Universe help you out, and do something different. Today. Take a step you’ve been putting off, like calling that old friend. Sign up for that class. Send out your resume. Switch the place you get coffee or lunch. Be nice to a stranger,  just because s/he looks to be having a lousy day. Stop doing stuff out of guilt. Start doing stuff out of love. Sing.

In other words, go shop for your own damn glass slipper. It’s a lot easier for the Universe to guide you onto a better path if you aren’t refusing to move, kicking and screaming that your glass slipper was supposed to have a rose tint to it and this one is definitely lilac.

Even if you take a step and fall flat on your face, at least you have moved somewhere. And when you pick yourself back up, you will be changed, because you’ve finally experienced something different than the same old, same old.

If you’re into affirmations, maybe you can adapt one like: My job is to move, the Universe’s job is to take care of my speed and direction.

Just promise me you won’t spend any more time waiting for Career Charming, OK?

Jennifer Alvey is a recovering lawyer who coaches attorneys on creating their very own, true-life fairy tales. Need help with yours? Contact her at jalvey AT

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