Lawyers and the CareerBuilder SuperBowl Ad

Admit it–if you’re thinking about leaving the law, you have felt EXACTLY like CareerBuilder’s brilliantly subversive commercial from the SuperBowl: “If you make loads of money, but hate going to work every day, your coworkers don’t respect you, you always wish you were somewhere else, you cry constantly, you daydream of punching small animals, and you sit next to this guy . . .  it’s probably time. As a rule.”

So what do you do, aside from watch the commercial a few dozen times and forward it to all your similarly discontented friends? (I am exceeding grateful YouTube hadn’t been invented when I was still practicing, because I know I would have spent entire weeks on it then.)

How about write up a list of 10 jobs you would love to try if only you could. I won’t even ask you to tackle the daunting task of explaining why, exactly, you can’t do these jobs. Just make the list. We can talk logistics another time. After you write the list, be open to receiving information about them, from whatever source. As in, if your secret list includes becoming a chef, and your honey surprises you with a Valentine’s Day dinner at a high-end restaurant kitchen or cooking classes, well, just go with it. Listen. You don’t have to do anything else.

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