Great Accessories for Your ADD-friendly Calendar

I admit it, I’m a Levenger junkie. I think their Circa system, with its capability to transfer pages effortlessly from notebook to notebook, regardless of size, is brilliant. And for someone like me on the ADD border who struggles to keep organized, and can never find the right notebook at the right time, it’s just awesome. I can just switch the page later to the right notebook! I can use any paper I want!

So here are a couple more tips on using the system, and a list of must-have accessories for lawyers who like the Circa’s ADD-friendliness.

  1. Get the reinforcement strips for your calendar pages. You’ll be flipping these pages constantly, and even though the paper quality is good, it is not impervious to use and abuse.
  2. Don’t pay for the page finder. Make your own instead, from cardstock. I made my page-finder a to-do list, but you can also model yours after the Franklin Covey Weekly Compass style, but instead include your own important reminders. Maybe include a box for projects with long fuses, reminders to work on an article, reminders to schedule networking time — it’s up to you. If you want to use yours as a to-do list, change the page orientation to landscape, then create a 5-column table in Word. The odd-numbered columns should be about 2.5 inches wide, with the even-numbered columns acting as gutter columns. Those should be about 3/4 inch wide. Then, to get lines for writing upon, select each wide column, and select the bottom border only for the cells in that column.
  3. If you like to cart around your entire year’s calendar, Levenger just recently added whopping 1.5 inch disks to their system, which you can buy separately or with the gorgeous desk calendar stand. These disks hold up to 200 pages. Yipee!! I have been carrying around three months’ worth of weekly calendar, and writing distant appointments on the monthly calendar tabs for later transfer to its proper day page. I did this mostly because there is no room for additional pages beyond the calendar if you use the 3/4 inch disks. And I may still do this, but I love the idea that I can cram in calendar, interview notes, journal entries, articles drafts, and whatever else in one place.
  4. For how long I do not know, but Levenger is offering a $40 Circa starter kit, and they also send you a $40 gift card. I must take advantage of this soon, there are several things in it I want to try, like the perforated 3×5 cards, the zip pocket, storyboard sheets, and the colored notepapers in different sizes.
  5. The Circa punch. You’ve gotta have it unless you plan on using only Levenger paper. Which to me kind of defeats the purpose, much as I love Levenger stuff.

So have fun with your newly discovered organizational skills that match you, not someone else’s idea of a system that works if you just try hard enough.

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