A Vacation?

In my varied freelance life, I often interview attorneys for stories I’m working on. And though I wouldn’t want the life that comes with lightning-quick response to press inquiries, I personally appreciate it when busy partners get back to me within 12 hours of when I contact them.

I also get blown off a lot, and that’s OK. (But I’d like you better if you at least told me you were blowing me off, so I can extinguish all hope and move on.) There’s almost always someone else you can call to interview.

One thing I’ve rarely gotten is the recent message in an auto-responder from a partner in a BigLaw firm based on the West Coast: She is out of the office until January 4, and NOT checking email.

That’s three weeks out of the office, folks. On what certainly sounds like an actual vacation, away from unrelenting emails and constant CYA. Yowza. In a BigLaw world of increasing pressure to be a Crackberry addict, with ridiculously high billable hours and the like, I applaud any partner who takes what is doubtless a much-needed break from the insanity that is practicing law in the first decade of the 21st century. May you be an inspiration to your kind.

And I really hope the associates who work with this partner get some time off as well.

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