Friday Files: Stupid Phone Tricks

You know how they tell you in trial practice class that you should check all your equipment functioning, the courtroom, etc. before you start the trial? Well, this isn’t about a trial. It’s about something much closer to home and office — your telephone.

During my last law firm gig, I worked on a ginormous patent infringement case. The parties were two names you’ve definitely heard of. The case on our side was staffed out of four offices, in DC, San Diego, LA, and San Francisco. You can imagine the friction and the battling egos — and between opposing counsel as well.

So one evening, I sat with a DC partner while she left a message for the San Diego partner about a brief. The DC partner, Maire, and I both more or less loathed Sam, the San Diego guy. And after the call, we discussed the direction Sam had insisted we take the argument (the reason for the call). Marie and I made no bones about how stupid we thought the argument was, how moronic Sam was, blah, blah, blah. If you have NOT had one of these conversations about someone in another office, or heck in your own corner of paradise, I would be shocked.

I’ll bet, though, that you managed to hang up the receiver completely and not record the entire bitch session on the hated colleague’s voicemail.

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