How Precedent Works Against You

Lawyers have such a hard time with exploring alternative careers. Simply put, it’s because they long for precedent.

Precedent is another word for roadmap. I’ve read several reviews of lawyer career change books that rip the book for not giving readers a precise twelve-step plan for making a radical career change.

Precedent, though, is inherently conservative. It will get you to places where lots of others have already visited. But are you any of those people? Of course not, you are unique. So why would you want to live somebody else’s life, rather than your own?

I know why. It’s called fear and insecurity. It’s gut-wrenching to be a trail-blazer, particularly when you feel like everything about you is on the line.

Yet search for your own unique alternative you must, if you want to leave law altogether and be happy about it. You need to re-think what you know — in other words, question precedent.

The good news is, you learned how to question precedent in law school. So you have the skill. Go to it.

One thought on “How Precedent Works Against You

  1. As someone who hopes to one day also be a recovering lawyer, I have searched in vain for that twelve-step plan for changing careers. Since it doesn’t exist, I have started an old fashioned job search, cruising want ads to see if there is anything out there I would be happier doing. As it turns out though, being an attorney appears to qualify me for little else I want to do.

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